Australasia thriving

Our main articles look at how James Packer and Lawrance Ho are growing their dominion together and separately, at home and abroad, as we take a look at their individual and joint projects including the Philippines, Vladivostok and Sri Lanka


Taking license with the competition

Crown Ltd.’s plans to extend its business into new Australian jurisdictions should come as no surprise. After all, it has always had a long-term vision to expand its gambling business from its Melbourne base into becoming Australia’s leading casino operator [...]

Zach Coleman

Last man standing

Casino bosses are known more for their rivalries than for their friendships. Think no further than of Steve Wynn and Sheldon Adelson, two men – and nearly all casino bosses do seem to be male – who have sparred publicly [...]


Casino bill shows readiness to compete

On May 2, Taiwan’s cabinet, the Executive Yuan, forwarded a draft bill to the Legislative Yuan that would legalize casino gaming on the country’s offshore islands.  In doing so, the Executive Yuan kept itself – despite a mid-review shake-up and [...]

Zach Coleman

Learning from others

Singapore’s success in building Asia’s second biggest gambling market less than two years from opening its first casino has spurred governments overseeing staid casino operations to consider their own reforms to chase tourist dollars. While South Korea, Sri Lanka and [...]

GA May 13 cover

The place to be

We are excited to launch this new publication for Asia’s burgeoning gaming industry.  It is, without doubt, the most exciting region in the world for gaming right now, with both international and local operators jostling in several markets with enormous [...]